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Sustainable use of our natural resources

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Policy & Legislation

Establishment of Ministry of Natural Resources

Establishment of Sovereign Wealth Fund

Environmental Policies & Legislations

Governance & Management


Knowledge and capacity building

History of conservation

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Social Justice

Equitable ownership & partnerships

Equitable Benefits

Equitable Access

Preservation for future generations

Sustainable Economic Projects

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Sustainable management

Our Vision

To educate, revolutionize and, build a brighter future for every Bahamian through the protection and ownership of our Natural resources.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The shifting power of global economies is a tale of nations capturing and using the knowledge and resources of other nations to benefit its own people. Through advocacy and education, the foundation aims to advance public policies and legislations and create sustainable economic projects by promoting equitable partnerships and greater awareness of our natural environment with transparency. All of this is done with the ultimate goal of elevating a nation through empowerment and economic freedom.

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Change can never be accomplished by sitting on ones hands. We need each other, and together we can make a difference today, and for future generations.

Building a Better Bahamas Today for Tomorrow

Our Causes


We are Campaigning for Natural Resources Inventory and a Sustainable Environmental Plan

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