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Core Values

The Bahamas Natural Resources Foundation reflect their commitment for making a positive impact through their guiding values.
Integrity – We commit to strong ethics, building trust through responsible actions
Collaboration – We foster partnerships, participation and interconnection to create meaningful outcomes.
Equity & Inclusion – We believe that everything we do and everyone we engage must be respected, heard and valued.
Courage – We stand bravely to challenge established guardrails to redress the social and economic injustices and demand our rightful and lawful position as owners.

Our Mission 

The shifting power of global economies is a tale of nations capturing and using the knowledge and resources of other nations to benefit its own people. Through advocacy and education, the foundation aims to advance public policies and legislations and create sustainable economic projects by promoting equitable partnerships and greater awareness of our natural environment with transparency. All of this is done with the ultimate goal of elevating a nation through empowerment and economic freedom.

Our Vision 

To educate, revolutionize and, build a brighter future for every Bahamian through the protection and ownership of our Natural resources.

If Bahamians are not prepared to stand up and defend their own Bahamas, then you don’t deserve to have it.

Sir Lynden O. Pindling

Former Prime minister

The Bahamas Natural Resources Foundation believes that our nation’s true wealth are its people and its natural resources. As a citizen-based non-partisan Non Profit Organization registered in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas we are committed to Economic Environmental, and Social justice for all Bahamians through the sustainable management of our natural resources. We support a Rights-Based Economic Model promoting frameworks for transparency & accountability to achieve equitable long-term social, environment, and economic justice through our pillars of public policies & legislation, education, justice and sustainable economic projects. We believe in a true model of conservation and preservation of our natural resources for the benefit of all citizens. In 2017, Prescott Smith, Nahaja Black & Suzette Scott, along with other founding members who shared this vision for their country band together and established this foundation.


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